Your basic twenty something millennial attempting to balance everything that comes with adult life. From my passion in agriculture to my obsession with branding, my life consists of telling a story.

My story begins on a farm in Southeast Iowa. As I grew up, my roots grew too.  Everyone has roots, something that anchors them, and my roots remain in the rich farmland in a place I call God's country. 

Agriculture is at the base of my roots, but my story continues. My story gets as high as the plane I once jumped out of, as pretty as the pageant dress that I wore while gracing the stage, as complicated as travel plans get while exploring the world, and as real as the pig I just watch be born. 

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Family Farming

My roots are deep in that Southeast Iowa soil. 


Eliminating Comfort Zones

If you can walk on stage in a swimsuit, you can do anything. 


Continuous Adventures

Road trips, flights over seas, views from a different perspective, I want to experience it all.