The Beginning

I wasn't born in a barn, I just got there as soon as a could. 

With century farms on both sides of my family, I was born with Southeast Iowa soil running through my veins. Like any small town kid, my life was diverse. Between dance class, piano lessons, and club meetings I found myself spending in every second possible in the barn with my pigs. I started showing pigs at the age of five and eventually developed a desire to get my hands dirty and be involved in every aspect of the industry that produces food, fuel, and fiber. 

The Education

I took one college visit and knew Iowa State University was the place for me.

College not only provided memories, but experience that was second to none. I traveled on study abroad trips and worked with dynamic companies where I learned valuable skills. Most importantly, I developed a network. A network of people that where connected to me in someway. A degree, a sorority, a passion, a career; I value every piece of my network that I built. 


The Career

If I'm going to throw myself at something, I'm going to have passion for it.

The minute I heard about FarmHer, I wanted to be a part of it. I was a sophomore in college and was sitting at an entrepreneurship networking event when I heard a lady talk about talking photos of women working in agriculture. She shared these photos with the world and because they were different than the norm, people felt a connection. 

I started at FarmHer as an intern in 2015 and I never left. I feel fortunate to love my job and am grateful for the opportunity I get to share stories of women in agriculture from across the country. My role consists of various things, from event planning to TV hosting and content creation. Visit for more information. (I get to manage that website too.)