The Beginning

I wasn't born in a barn, I just got there as soon as a could. 

With century farms on both sides of my family, I was born with Southeast Iowa soil running through my veins. Like any small town kid, my life was diverse. Between dance class, piano lessons, and club meetings I found myself spending in every second possible in the barn with my pigs. I started showing pigs at the age of five and eventually developed a desire to get my hands dirty and be involved in every aspect of the industry that produces food, fuel, and fiber. 

The Education

I took one college visit and knew Iowa State University was the place for me.

College not only provided memories, but experience that was second to none. I traveled on study abroad trips and worked with dynamic companies where I learned valuable skills. Most importantly, I developed a network. A network of people that where connected to me in someway. A degree, a sorority, a passion, a career; I value every piece of my network that I built. 


The Career

I have a passion for agriculture, specifically in my home state of Iowa.

I went from a start-up company to government, with the same story of telling the story of agriculturalists. I utilize communication platforms everyday in order to share the story of farmers across the state. I specify in creative strategy, event planning, media planning and social media strategy.