A small part of my large life

Is it strange that I somewhat crave dirt under my fingernails? Yes, that's probably not normal, but it is what I am used to. 

I started showing pigs at the age of five and have not looked back since.  Showing livestock has taken me all over the nation- from Denver, Colorado to Louisville, Kentucky.  My summers consist of walking pigs, washing calves, and occasionally walking sheep and goats too. 

And yes, a part of my families business is to sell boar semen.  Boars, male pigs, will produce semen that is caught in a cup, then the liquid is evaluated under a microscope and the sperm is counted and mixed with a solution to extend the life.  It is then packaged and shipped to customers who want our genetics.

What's my favorite part? That doesn't even cover the base of agriculture, it's that big!  There is my life (pigs), and other livestock like cattle and sheep, and then there is the land (agronomy), and then those bases lead into different parts, like government lobbying and economics.  Because let's be honest, it takes a lot of people to feed the world! And I am very proud to be one person working towards feeding billions.

Lexi and Pig