Future FarmHers of America

I believe in the future of agriculture.  I also believe in the future of women in agriculture.  Women operate over 30% of farms in the United States, and this number is on the rise.  Women are grateful for organizations like FFA that support and encourage every member to strive to be the best.


In 1969, women gained membership through the National FFA and have made great strides in agriculture ever since.  Today, women make up more than 45% of membership and roughly half of the state leadership positions.  Since 1969, women have had increasing involvement in the agriculture industry, thanks to organizations like the FFA. 

I’d like to share a few ways FFA helps members in general, but specifically women to become Future FarmHers of America.

1)   FFA strengthens communication skills.   

The FFA offers numerous competitive competitions that give experience and guidance to members in order for them to become better communicators.  These skills continue in the classroom and in the workplace, and learning how to share your knowledge is essential in becoming successful.

2)   FFA builds confidence and self worth.

Nothing builds confidence like having a bright light spotlighting you on a large stage in front of hundreds of people after you are recognized for a job well done.  Or receiving a handshake from a judge after you worked for many months preparing a project to be exhibited.  With achievement comes confidence.  When members reach established goals, they develop self-responsibility and are proud of the work they put in. 

3)   FFA gives disappointments, which leads to realization and work ethic. 

Not everyone can excel at everything, and FFA allows members to try various things to realize your talents.  This lesson can relate to anything is life.  The key to success is doing what you love, and FFA assists in finding passion.   Disappointments can also lead to developing drive and work ethic, because nothing makes you work harder than the want to do better.

4)   FFA encourages education, but friendships and memories as well.

Each activity that is held within FFA allows members to learn something.  Not only is FFA taught in a classroom, but also a lot of the education is through Supervised Agriculture Experiences and Career Development Events.  Conferences are also held and allow students to gain knowledge in a fun environment.  At these events, life long friendships begin and millions of memories are made. 

As we conclude the celebration of FFA week, we also thank the organization for positively impacting millions of students, current and alum, over the years.  May the advancements continue, the education endure, and the memories increase.  Happy National FFA Week!  

Iowa FFA