Study Abroad; Argentina

It's been a few weeks since I returned home from my first adventure abroad but the memories have not faded. 

Pink House

 I learned so much from my trip to Argentina.  It's hard to share everything I've learned after 9 days of tours and visits to various places and businesses.  Below is a break down of each day, follow the links and enjoy!

Day 1/2) Arrive in Buenos Aires

Day 1) US Embassy; Buenos Aires

Day 1) Cargill Headquarters Presentation; Buenos Aires

Day 2) Buenos Aires City Tour

Day 2) Tango Show; Buenos Aires

Day 3) Gaucho Ranch

Day 4) Liniers Cattle Market; Buenos Aires

Day 4) Cargill Inc; Villa Governador Galvez

Day 4) Dinner at Rizobacter Test Plots; Pergamino

Day 5) Rizobacter Business Tour; Pergamino

Day 5) National Institute of Agriculture Technology (INTA); Pergamino 

Day 6) Pagano South America Business Tour; Carlos Casares

Day 6) Zubeldia Manufacturer; Carlos Casares

Day 6) Roberto Lence Dairy Farm; Carlos Casares

Day 6) Orazi Feedlot and Pork Producer; Carlos Casares

Day 6) Dinner at Lence Farm; Carlos Casares

Day 7) Los Grobos Agribusiness Cooperation; Carlos Casares

Day 7) Raul Cardaci Farm Tour; Carlos Casares

Day 7) Duckas SRL Hay and Silage Producation; Carlos Casares

Day 8) Arrive at Iguazu Falls

Day 9) Tour Iguazu Falls National Park

Day 10) Start Towards Home; Conclusion

If you read even one blog, you'll see that I went to learn about agriculture but I learned so much more.  By talking with people who live in Argentina, the group was able to learn about the culture and lifestyle.  I really enjoyed my trip abroad and I am looking forward to future trips.