Day 4) Liniers Cattle Market

Each day seems better than the next, and attending the Linear Cattle Market, touring the largest Argentine Cargill Crushing facility, and ending with a barbecue with a local crop company. 

The Linear Cattle Market is the largest market in Argentina, a total of 80 acres.  Opening in 1901, the market is now is privately owned by 55 brokers.  Each broker has specific pens and brings in certain cattle and buyers.  We were able to watch 4 different brokers sell their cattle, breeds ranging from Herefords, black Angus, and even a few water buffalo. 

Unlike the United States, the cattle are not ran through an area to sell where people sit around to place bids.  At Linear, the auctioneer moves from one pen to the next, taking his microphone and gavel while the buyers also surround the pen to place bids.  Most of the people are located on elevated sidewalks, which back home are called the cat walks. 


The cattle are weighed before and after the sale, and the buyer pays based on the final weight.  Unlike the United States, the cattle that are sold are going directly to slaughter houses.  Only a few cows and bulls were seen at the market.  Shockingly, I did not see one pair of cowboy boots worn by the cattlemen at the market.  Some were dressed nicely, in long pants an canvas or leather shoes.  Others were in t-shirts and shorts also usually dressed in canvas shoes.  No square toes or starched jeans in sight!

Next stop, the largest Cargill crushing facility in Argentina.