"Write Down Your Dreams"

Tuesday evening Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey hosted the 3rd annual Agriculture Leaders Dinner.  Attendees included state legislatures, business representatives, farmers, and students, who are all working towards supporting agriculture in Iowa.  Not only did I have the opportunity to met amazing leaders in Iowa, but also learn from the stories and advice others gave.  

Leaders in Iowa Agriculture with Secretary Northey

Leaders in Iowa Agriculture with Secretary Northey

One piece of advice stuck with me.  Jo Luck, the retired President and CEO of Heifer International and a World Food Prize Laureate, gave the keynote speech.  Jo spoke about her adventures in over 65 countries while working for Heifer International.  Jo told us about her vision (see Roots for her VISION) through it all, and the one women who went on to be successful after Jo asked her one simple question.  

While in Zimbabwe in 1991, Jo asked the women of the village what their dreams were.  Women getting an education in Zimbabwe was uncommon, and most women do not dream.  One mother of three named Tererai Trent eventually shared her dream of going to America and obtaining a bachelors, masters, and doctorate degree.  Tererai wrote her dreams on a piece of paper and buried them in a small box in a pasture.  Must to Jo's surprise, she saw Tererai in America many years later, following her dreams.

Tererai was featured on Oprah and thanked Jo for inspiring her to follow her dreams.  Read the full story on Oprah's website, it's incredible.  Through the story that Jo shared, I learned to always inspire others because the simplest questions can change a life.  Also write down your dreams.  If Tererai can travel from Zimbabwe to America and earn a bachelors, masters, and doctorate degree, you can do anything you want to.  

Thanks to Secretary Northey for hosting this wonderful event and I look forward to the future in agriculture, especially in Iowa.