Day 6) Zubeldia Manufacturer

During one of the stops in Carlos Casares was at Zubeldia, an agriculture equipment manufacture.  The 38-year-old company specializes in quality manufacturing and is family owned.  Zubeldia has a total of 16 employees, four in sales and 12 manufacturing the equipment, and exports to four to five countries. 

I enjoyed seeing their latest breakthrough product, a sprayer that is the longest in the world with the boom width at 41 feet.  It was also very interesting to see the quality of work that the company prided themselves in.  They said it takes one week just to sand and paint the equipment.  They produce various sizes of equipment, ranging from $800-$250,000. 

After viewing the various types of equipment at Zubeldia, we had lunch hosted by a local honey producer’s house.  The typical lunch included delicious bread, cured meats, and farmer’s cheese.  Our host is a mid-size bee producer with 1,200 beehives around the area. 

It was interesting to hear the large amount of impact that the government has on the honey industry, specifically with exports.  Currently, there is no market for honey and they are also being forced to mix the high quality honey with lower grade honey, which also hurts the business. 

It was an honor to have dined in an Argentine home, mostly because our host felt like it was a great honor.  He was delighted that we were able to experience his culture and was very welcoming.