Day 6) Dinner at Lence Farm

I loved having a professor who was from the country where were toured, because of the insight he gave and the connections he had.  One of the best nights in Argentina was the asado held at the Lence farm.  Not only was the food delicious, the family was very welcoming.

Food is an important part of Argentine culture, and it's a good thing I like meat.  Asado is a type of BBQ where the meat is cooked for many hours over an open fire.  It is also usually cooked without being cut away from part of the caracas.  After playing yard games and touring the farm, we all sat around the fire for a great meal.  

The meal consisted of meat and bread, and I tried to eat traditionally only using a knife and bread to eat the meat.  Although I was only somewhat successful, I enjoyed the company.  We couldn't all speak the same language, but we did laugh quite a bit.  While eating, I discovered the lamb kidney is not my favorite, but it's all the experience, right? 

A big day ended well with good food and good people, I really was enjoying Argentina.