Day 7) Los Grobos Agribusiness Cooperation

ur first stop on one of the last days we spent in the Las Pampas area of Argentina was at Los Grobos.  Los Grobos is a very impressive agri-business that is the connection between land, farmers, and necessities.  They are a leader in products, services, and knowledge. 

Because interest rates in Argentina are about 35% per year, Los Grobos helps farmers manage risk by assisting farmers by lending credit.  I thought it was interesting that through consolidation, Los Grobos was able to grow. 

After talking to a farmer, he mentioned that the community was skeptical at first but they are now supportive of the business.  The business so very diversified so they are able to help farmers with almost everything, from purchasing grain to selling products.  They also help companies, like Rizobacter, move product past their company salesmen and Los Grobos helps sell product to their customers. 

The large company was interesting and I am looking forward to seeing the company grow and prosper in the future.