Day 5) Rizobacter

After eating with two employees from Rizobacter, we were able to tour their business the next day.  The company was very impressive and hospitable to their visitors.  We first listened to a presentation that covered the company overview.  Rizobacter focuses on the treatment of seeds as well as microbiology.  They were founded by five friends in 1977 and how have almost 400 employees spanning 25 various countries on four continents.  They have grown to this size by investing 50% of their profits into continue research and have been able to make four large alliances with over companies, Syngenta being one of them. 

71% of their products go to distributors, who sell the product to farmers.  One advantage of farming in Argentina is that they have a longer growing period and have more time to plant, harvest, and sell products. 

Their labs are continuing to develop products that help with sustainability.  There is at least one person in the labs at all times.  I was very surprised to see the same kind of values and goals instilled in this successful company that would be important to successful United States businesses.  Although I am not interested in microbiology or agronomy, this was one of the most interesting stops on the trip.