Day 7) Duckas Hay and Silage Production

Our last agriculture stop was where I got sunburnt, but seeing a family run silage business was worth the burn.  Duckas Hay Production is a 32-year-old family run business that has been serving the same customers for the past 18 years.  Not only do they cut silage all over Argentina, but they have also expanded their business to meet all needs of their customers.  They provide services for hay balers, manure spreaders, and construction equipment. 

We watched Duckas cut silage for a 4,000 head dairy.  50% of the silage they cut goes to dairy and the other 50% for meat production.  Their chopper was imported from Germany and the crews work for six months, living in provided housing.  The employees are also fed by a chef that travels with the crews and are provided with clothing.

The tips I took away from this visit were the fact that you need to do everything possible to please your customers as well as your employees.  The fact that they have not had any new customers for the past 18 years but have been able to expand their business is amazing.  It proves that customer service and good character is important.