Day 7) Raul Cardaci Farm Tour

While touring Argentina, I realized and appreciated the hospitality that each person gave us as visitors.  It specifically showed at the Cardaci farm, where we ate lunch and talked with the family. 

I enjoyed learning about Argentina agriculture by Raul Cardaci sharing about his farm and personal experiences.  Hearing that he did not intend to expand his business but instead he took advantage of various opportunities was interesting.  I had also never seen tractors and other farm equipment that was marked with the farm name, Don Angel.  His farm was named after his grandfather. 

Raul farms 3,000 acres but owns 800 acres.  He raises 70% soybeans and 30% corn, with 80% being no till.  The corn is used to raise his 220 cows.  Raul sells half of his crops to Los Grobos and negotiates other prices with various businesses. 

Weather is a challenge in the United States, but Raul wasn’t the only person in Argentina who mentioned that the government is a large challenge.  He also has no crop insurance. 

One of my favorite parts was meeting Raul’s daughter, Jime.  She has worked at Los Grobos for the past five years and it was her first job out of the university.  She told me that women in agri-businesses are becoming more popular.

The family was all very interested about life in the United States, just like we were interested in life in Argentina.  The biggest surprise was that the family, like other farm families, did not live on their farm.  Instead they live in town and stay in the farmhouse on the weekends and in the summer.  We were allowed to dip our feet in the pool on the hot Argentine day. 

The one thing I will take away from this day was the advice that Raul gave us.

“Be honest, neat, and take care of things.  If you have a farm, keep farming.”