Animal Day | Elementary Style

Growing up on a diversified livestock and grain farm in Southeast Iowa, I quickly developed a passion for agriculture.  I’m very excited to be working as FarmHer’s communications intern to continue my passion for agriculture while empowering and promoting women! 

One of my first days working for FarmHer, I had the opportunity to attend an Animal Learning Day hosted by the local FFA chapter at the elementary school.   Six kindergarten classes at Stewart Elementary in Washington, Iowa, had the opportunity to meet farm animals, including: pigs, goats, kittens, puppies, a chicken, a duck, and a lamb. 

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As I photographed about 120 six-year-olds, I watched them smile when they saw the animals.  I was reminded how important agriculture is to everyone, not just people who are directly involved in the industry.  Most of these students had never seen a farm animal, and this may be one of the few opportunities they have to hold a farm animal, especially a chicken. 

A special FarmHer in my life, my sister, showed me how the simple action of setting up an event in a local community can give the opportunity to share the passion of agriculture.  My sister contacted a kindergarten teacher and impacted 120 students while sharing her passion with agriculture.  She organized FFA members who shared the animals they have on their farm.  The FFA members may not have been in the classroom at the time, but they learned how to interact with young students and how to communicate about their animals.  They also gained great stories about the kindergarteners, which lead to a few laughs.  One little boy was petting the puppy, and then decided he would rather pet my sister instead. 

Animal Day with Stewart Elementary was a great experience for everyone involved, from the kindergarteners to the FFA members who shared their interest in agriculture.  I encourage you to do something to share your passion and to share the values of a FarmHer.  

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