Argentina Adventure

passport: check
suitcase under 50 pounds: check (barely)
walking shoes and sunscreen: check

Yesterday, 21 students and 3 professors from Iowa State University took on their next adventure and boarded for Argentina.  The 11 day trip would take us to four cities in Argentina, focusing on the Agriculture industry.  

The 10 hour flight lead into the worst night of sleep I think I have ever gotten.  Even international flights are not that spacious.  We landed at 6:45 am Argentina time (two hours ahead of Iowa time) and we successfully made it through customs and our bags arrived.

This is my first time outside of the United States, so I've never been a minority or experienced a language barrier.  In just a few short hours, I learned a lot about the culture in Argentina.  Here's the most interesting things I found:

1) everyone smokes.  You can see many people with cigarettes just while walking down the street.
2) outlet converters are important. As Americans, we are addicted to your electronical devices and properly charging the devise depends on one converter. 
3) your hotel key does more than opens the door. Your key is also needed to turn on the lights!  
4) the drivers are crazy.  I've decided I no longer classify as a crazy driver, I at least try to yield to pedestrians.  

This afternoon we met the US Embassy Ambassador and listened to a presentation from the US Embassy as well as from representatives from Cargill.  Both shared facts about farming and exports in Argentina, more information to come soon!

ISU ladies ready for Argentina!

ISU ladies ready for Argentina!