An Open Letter to PETA

In response to the blog that needs to stop being shared because it's so stupid.  


First off, thank you for getting me out of writing my research paper and going to the grocery store.  I try not to be a procrastinator, but you’ve made me think that this is better worth my time. 

It’s better worth my time because you are attacking my lifestyle, and I’m not ok with it. 

You attack my lifestyle on a daily basis.  You attack what great people do every day, and they do it to care for others.  I cannot imagine having a job that put someone else down every day, how depressing!  If you can do that, I question your morals.    

I am ok with you choosing what you eat.  In return, I want to choose what I eat.  And I like steak.  And I’m not apologizing for that, because I believe that steer was put here for a reason just like I am put on this earth for a reason, and my reason to be here is to tell you that you are terribly rude.  (I wish I could type worse words but I try not to cuss on my blog.)

What you don’t understand is that you made a huge mistake, you infuriated the largest youth organization in the country.  That’s just dumb. 

FFA is all about premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.  The organization develops students into great people each and every day.  Clearly it didn’t work for the person who wrote the blog, but not every great thing is perfect, right?

The things I learned from FFA include: how to meet friends, how to prepare a speech, how life and school go hand in hand, what great agriculture is around me, what successful people do after FFA, the parts of the animal, how animals make a difference if people’s lives around the world, how to do an interview, how to cause a traffic jam using tractors during FFA week, how to talk to professionals in my community who support the program, how to set goals and achieve them, even how to rip a good pair of panty hose and what a tallywacker is.  The list goes on and on.

What I am most proud of, as an alumnus of the FFA, is the way students have stood up for themselves.  Because of you, they took a stand.  Have you searched #FFAproud? It’s pretty remarkable what each student has gained from his or her experience in FFA, and they shared that because of you.

PETA, you win this one.  You win because you caused uproar, which is exactly what you wanted to do.  But you won’t win again, because I also learned through FFA that the agriculture industry is the most powerful and amazing group of people you’ll ever meet.  We solve problems, we work together, and we care for each other.  Something you will never be able to achieve.  Therefore the FFA wins in the long run. 

I don’t believe in PETA, instead I believe in the future of agriculture and what FFA does for young people.  You should try it.  Or at least stop writing false blogs that have very little truth. 


An alum of the greatest organization in existence.  

Iowa FFA Officers at the 2015 State Convention.

Iowa FFA Officers at the 2015 State Convention.