Brand Strategy


Ask me years ago and a brand was a tool you used to mark cattle.

Turns out, I've been interested in branding my entire life. My family raises commercial cattle and show pigs. Growing up, I would watch as I sat on the fence as the vet, my dad, and my uncle would run cattle through the chute. The cattle would get their vaccinations to keep them healthy and then they'd get a tattoo on their hip, marking them with a slanted 'M' and a star. That brand was permeant, and those cattle were part of Marek Land and Livestock. 

I like cattle but my passion quickly became the pigs. From the farrowing house with the baby pigs to the show ring, I was there. We continued to use our 'M star' brand to keep the look of Marek Land and Livestock consistent and I continued to brainstorm. 

My dad's goal was always to make good livestock and although I wanted that as well, I wanted our customers and competitors to know what made our livestock good and excel about the rest. Yes, it was that won in a competition setting, but it's always because of the dedication, the thought process, and the heart that goes into raising livestock. 

Fast forward years later, I'm not on the farm every day. The passion of sharing the 'why' behind our farm remains with me, and now I develop plans and content to assist others in sharing their 'why'. 

Do you have a 'why' and want to share it? Do you believe in what you're doing and want others to know about it? Let's talk.