Social Media


I wanted a new phone and I convinced my mom the only one I would use was a smart phone.

I promised to do extra work around the house and I promised it would make me more productive and connected.

The year was 2008 and you couldn't even take a photo on your phone and post it directly to Facebook. Although that phone did bring distractions and I can't even imagine how I ever survived with a 250 text limit per month, that phone kept me connected. 

Growing up showing pigs, I often times was the only kid from Iowa at national shows we exhibited at. My options were either hang out with my parents (no shame, I did) or make new friends. 

Only these friends weren't from my school, my town, or even my state. Insert social media addiction. 

It started as a way to talk to friends and it's developed into a way to learn, share, promote, and engage. 

I proudly never had a MySpace and my MSN messenger probably doesn't work anymore, but I do know my way around the social world and I'm ready to help you expand your social network. Let's talk.